NCBFAA PAC Information

The NCBFAA Political Action Committee (PAC) plays an important role in shaping the rules and regulations that govern our industry

A PAC is a committee operating under federal election regulations, which pools together individual contributions and collectively contributes them to key candidates for Congress and the Senate. The NCBFAA PAC is a bipartisan multi-candidate federal political action committee affiliated with the National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America and registered with the Federal Election Commission.

The NCBFAA PAC provides the Association with the ability to be a stronger, more unified force in the political arena. Because there is strength in numbers, the NCBFAA PAC is more effective than individual contributions. The NCBFAA PAC contributes in larger amounts to a greater number of candidates on a broader geographic scale than most of us would or could individually. This gives greater impact on a national scale to each dollar contributed by an NCBFAA member.


Who directs the activities of the NCBFAA PAC?

The NCBFAA PAC Board of Governors, a committee composed of NCBFAA leaders representing the customs broker and forwarder industry, handles the PAC activities, coordinates fundraising for the PAC and selects candidates for contributions, with input from our Legislative Representative.


How does the NCBFAA PAC work?

The NCBFAA PAC concentrates on those issues that have become vitally important to customs brokers and freight forwarders and targets those candidates who make a difference in these areas. The NCBFAA PAC Committee selects only candidates who meet our standards in voicing the interest of the industry in Congress and who serve the nation well in high public office.


Why is there an authorization form attached?

An "authorization" is required before the NCBFAA PAC can ask you or your company’s executive or administrative employees or shareholders for a contribution. You simply designate the NCBFAA PAC as the sole political action committee that may actively solicit your company's employees this year. If you have already "authorized" an association this year, however, you may donate to other association PACs on a voluntary, unsolicited basis.


Can contributors suggest candidates they feel the NCBFAA PAC should support?

Any contributor is encouraged to make recommendations at any time to any member of the NCBFAA PAC Committee, the NCBFAA officers and Board of Directors, or staff.


Can I still give to local candidates as well as the PAC?

Certainly. You can contribute to whomever else you wish, whether as a local candidate or a company PAC. You may even donate to another association PAC -- on an unso­licited basis. You may, however, only authorize one association PAC to solicit you -- and that should be the NCBFAA PAC!


Federal law requires political committees to report the name, mailing address, occupation and employer for each Individual whose contributions total in excess of $200 in a calendar year.


Can my company contribute?

No! Federal law forbids contributions from incorporated entities.


What's the recommended contribution?

Whatever you feel appropriate. A starting point may be $200. The maximum contribution annually from each individual is $5,000.


When is the best time to give to the NCBFAA PAC?

As soon as you've authorized the PAC to solicit your employees for a contribution. The NCBFAA PAC accepts contributions at any time, even when elections are not immediately pending.